Quite often I find myself sitting down with a business owner having a conversation about their business and themselves. It is always a privilege. I recall one such conversation with a friend who ran a family business some years ago. We jotted down the skeleton of a business plan on the back of a beer mat! That conversation proved to be pivotal for the business.

So useful are such conversations that we are now offering them in London, Birmingham and Suffolk on one day each month to business owners. We call it ‘The Strategy Hour’.

It is an unhurried free face to face meeting with a business owner and one of us looking at both the business and the owner. It is an opportunity for an open conversation on a broad canvas about what you want. The Strategy Hour starts with you and where you want to go.

The conversation can identify key issues, give different perspectives, identify opportunities and works with reality. Participants in previous conversations have been surprised and delighted with its value. It is an opportunity to step back, re-appraise and bring back hopes and dreams whilst looking at ways of moving forward realistically. As a result of the conversation we will give you three useful pieces of information or insights for you and your business.

We are very happy for this invitation to be passed on to business owners who might like to have such a conversation.

I mentioned a beer mat earlier. In practice today such conversations usually take place over a plentiful supply of hot coffee during the day; the beer mat though always remains an option!

More details and how to book are on the Strategy Hour page or contact us directly for further information on 07841 215182 or david.eaton@smestrategies.co.uk.

We make no charge for the Strategy Hour.


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