Shifting a Crisis into an Opportunity

Sometimes as a business owner you might find yourself in an impasse – you know things need to be better; you have tried various things but to no avail. You are running out of ideas. A number of initiatives have been started but the progress has not been as you had hoped.

Whilst some seem to go from strength to strength as they post one triumph after another on social media, others feel disappointment in themselves which can lead to disillusionment. This brings low self-esteem and then paralysis. It can become a vicious circle. Energy levels are reduced and everything can seem a struggle.

This can be the experience of various people including:

  • Owner managers trying to build a business.
  • Those who have left the corporate world to become a consultant and for whom it has not been anything like as easy as they had hoped.
  • Individuals in employed manager or director roles who feel stuck and unhappy.

If this is your experience how do you break out of it and into new pastures? In our experience there are two very tough challenges to overcome after which progress can come remarkably swiftly. The first challenge is to admit to oneself that all is not going as well as one hoped. The second challenge is sharing the disappointment honestly with someone who has the experience to help. A trusting relationship needs to develop to allow fears to be explored and overcome.

An opportunity to see the situation from outside stimulates us to enter a new stage of reflection and generates ideas about responding differently to the existing situation. This allows for a new perspective and release of energy. It can turn a situation on its head, bringing focus and building confidence.

David leads this work at SME Strategies which we call ‘Crisis Shift’ by using an impasse as an opportunity for change and growth. David has many years of experience of working with business owners and also with individuals who have had PTSD through military service in conflict zones. This work which is completely confidential revolves around the trusting relationship between David and the person. It is completely non-judgemental and more in-depth than mentoring and can achieve significant results quite quickly.

For a confidential meeting with David just call 07841 215182 or email him at


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