wealthbeingWealthBeing is the name given to a book written by Malcolm Durham. It is a how-to-succeed-in-business book that doesn’t pretend you are a secret Superman but recognises that things don’t always run smoothly, and presents solutions to problems before they even happen. Malcolm Durham has been through it all – depression, divorce, and other disasters – and has used his experiences to develop a practical plan that will give you both wealth and wellbeing WealthBeing. From the nuts and bolts of building a business you can sell for millions to finding out who you are and what you need, WealthBeing is about realising your dreams and having enough in the bank to enjoy them.

WealthBeing offers practical, and often counter-intuitive advice. Malcolm says, “Choose a market that’s neither too crowded nor too niche. Get yourself a partner or a mentor and know which will be better for you. Pay attention to your personal needs, alongside the needs of your growing business. Use techniques like NLP and mindfulness, but don’t forget to watch your cashflow.”

wb1David Eaton is a co-founder with Rachael Stilwell of ‘Wealthbeing in Practice’ which takes Malcolm’s insights and works with entrepreneurs to put them into practice. We draw on a vast amount of resources and experience in doing so and tailor the support to match the needs of the entrepreneur. Malcolm himself oversees the quality control aspect of what we do to ensure the delivery is as good as the book!


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