Support Checklist

Client need: Delivered through: Score*
1. An experienced businessperson trained in mentoring as a critical friend/support Mentoring
2. Business overview – identify key areas Strategy hour
Strategy on a page
Strategic planning workshop
3. Operational/process/people issues SME Consultancy
Training/development workshop
4. A business growth programme (based around strategy, finance, operations, personnel, marketing, sales) SME Strategy Programme
5. Promoting an innovation and change culture Innovation and change leadership project
6. Developing the management team (for companies/organisations) Facilitation workshop
Individual development plans
7. Succession planning (selling the business to senior staff or externally) Mentoring/workshops
8. Fundraising SME Corporate Finance
9. Financial review/plan SME FD Services
Financial strategy
Management reporting
10. Marketing advice – marketing strategy, branding, website, SEO, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs marketing campaign, networking SME Marketing specialist
SME Website support specialist
Specific marketing projects
11. Sales leads & conversions SME Sales specialist
12. Owner/manager/SME tax advice Individual tax/SME tax specialists
13. Accounts/book-keeping function SME Web Accountants
14. HR strategy SME Human Resources specialist
15. Legal advice SME Legal specialist
16. Peer support The SME Strategy community

*The score is an assessment of the client’s need on a 0-5 scale (5 is high, 0 is low)

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