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At SME Strategies we take a holistic approach to our clients businesses to do our job properly. One of the areas we spot time and again is that a client’s website is not delivering for them as well as it should. This can be because it is:

  • Built on an old inflexible platform that cannot be easily extended
  • Is not easy for clients to update
  • Is not kept up to date
  • Does not project the business’s brand message
  • Is not monitored for traffic, hits etc

All too often, a business owner knows that their website is not ideal but any updates seem to be very costly or even worse the advice is often that a brand new all singing expensive website is needed. This often leads to inertia and the poorly performing existing site continues unaltered.

We have overcome this problem by joining up with a specialist website development firm whose expertise includes developing, fixing and improving existing WordPress websites in a very cost effective way. Websites don’t last for ever and a new site will be needed from time to time as businesses expand and scale up.

However many businesses just need a decent site that works technically, projects the right brand image and is kept up to date. Jay Downing at ProWP fits the bill perfectly for this and we are delighted to be able to offer this expertise to our clients.

We also work with a branding specialist whose expertise is in helping SMEs develop a coherent brand message across all their communications. It is this brand that the website will then project.

None of this need take a large budget – it just requires a business to know where it wants to go and we can help owners clarify that issue as well.

If you think your website is not performing for you just get in touch with us for a complimentary review.

ProWP Website Support

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