Workshop at Central Working

SME Strategies is delighted to have been invited to hold a lunchtime business advice workshop on Wed 5 September at Central Working, Shoreditch.

The lunchtime sessions are an opportunity for businesses to bring their pressing issues and together we will find possible solutions using a variety of techniques and tools and drawing on the innate wisdom of the group. Shoreditch, otherwise known as Tech City, is the hub of tech start ups in London. Central Working Shoreditch is one of several great co-working spaces in London and further afield run by Central Working.

For further details about this or other workshops that David Eaton organises just call David on 07841 215182 or email him at

Lunch & Learn flyer – Wed 5 September

A word about Central Working…

Central Working was started to address challenges that James Layfield, the founder, believes affect all new business owners; the first was the space. “Why sign leases for three or even five years when you have no way of knowing how big or small your business will be in that time? Wouldn’t you prefer a space with soul, and a place you can envisage yourself going to work everyday? Somewhere you’ll be more likely to connect with the talent that you want to attract” said James.

His second issue was support. James went on “It’s really difficult to be an entrepreneur, running your own business. There will be difficult times or issues that you might not feel you can speak to your team about, these problems then get bottled up and cause you unnecessary stress.

“That’s why Central Working offers incredible flexibility with no leases to worry about. We also give you a genuine support network; other people like you, running businesses, having problems, helping each other by sharing their experience and knowledge.”