The Alliance for Human Relevant Science approached SME Strategies for help to maximise the impact of their forthcoming launch of the Alliance at the House of Commons hosted by Sir David Amess MP. The Alliance promotes smarter medical research to develop more human relevant research methods for drug discovery, with the direct result of replacing animal testing with more predictive models.

SME Strategies proposed a project with two phases:

  1. To use social media and other marketing tools to maximise the effect of the launch event.
  2. To advise on ways of taking the Alliance forward post the launch to the next stage of its work.

Maximising the House of Commons launch event

Sir David Ames MP addresses guests at the launch event

A number of partners gave brief addresses to the gathering

A menu of prioritised actions was presented by SME Strategies from which the Alliance chose the ones they wished to action with the time and resources available.

The Alliance then worked with us to implement these actions which included the use of Twitter and LinkedIn. Quality photography, linking to relevant press editors and writing of press releases were undertaken. We ascertained the motives of current supporters, developed smarter use of the existing database and refocussed the messages to be sent to both supporters and the into the public domain. The House of Commons backdrop to the event was harnessed to promote the aims of the Alliance.

Kathy Archibald, Founder member of the Alliance and Dr Roumteen Keshe of SME Strategies

Developing the Alliance’s work post launch event

A comprehensive set of suggestions to take the work of the Alliance forward was proposed by us. This included:

  • governance of the Alliance
  • an audit of skills and skill gaps
  • brainstorming sessions
  • review of the Alliance’s current strategy
  • identifying strategic objectives with timelines
  • attracting funding
  • website enhancement (eg branding, messages, monthly updates, SEO, supporter engagement)
  • regular emails and Twitter feed to supporters
  • creation of an online community
  • conferences
  • clearer branding and marketing of the Alliance.

The Alliance has reviewed its options in the light of the outcome of the launch event and its success in attracting new partners. It has now entered a new phase of its growth and development.

Kathy Archibald, Director of Safer Medicines Trust, a founder member of the Alliance said “The advice and assistance provided by David Eaton and Dr Roumteen Keshe of SME Strategies were invaluable. Their experience with social media and event planning helped to maximise the impact of our launch event creatively and professionally.”

The project was led by David Eaton (Director of SME Strategies) and Dr Roumteen Keshe (Affiliate of SME Strategies).