Let’s Work Together

To help our SME owner managed clients flourish we offer the following tailored services:

One off initial complimentary Strategy Hour
Identifies key issues and drivers for the business with three takeaways from the meeting.

Three or six month Strategic Support Package
Working as part of the management team, targeted objectives are achieved to move the business forward over a specified period.

Monthly SME Mentoring of owner managers
Giving support and encouragement to manage self-learning, maximise potential, develop skills, improve performance and enabling the person to become what they want and need to be.

Specific Strategic Consultancy projects delivered by qualified SME professionals
A business need is met through a specific project (eg a marketing campaign, revising employment contracts, fund raising).

Half-day Strategy Workshop
Facilitated workshops using us as a neutral facilitator enable a group to work together to achieve an agreed goal; such as solving a problem, building a plan or making a decision.

Training Workshop
Specialist events for developing/training members of the team in specific areas (eg  giving presentations, interviewing techniques,  managing conflict). 

We work across the sectors and have specialisms in:

  • Construction and sub-contractors
  • Retail
  • Professional services
  • Not for profit
  • Corporate finance

Behind these services lies a comprehensive framework enabling us to pinpoint just the right service that meets our clients’ needs. For those who like the detail(!) click to see the SME Strategies support checklist of how we deliver a tailored service for the specific needs of our clients.