Beautiful dresses are worn at the Oscars so that the wearers can shine brightly – it is not an occasion to hide one’s lamp under a bushel! Yet that is exactly what many company owners do. Having invested in a smart website, the right message is not always reaching as far and deep as it should.

Traffic to the website may not be monitored. Many company owners may not use social media in a fully co-ordinated way. Clients sometimes spend more effort on the appearance of the website than the actual brand message it projects.

Google Analytics – Having invested time and money in a website, it must be a no-brainer to exploit that investment to the full. Some company owners do not know how many hits their website receives, nor on which pages, nor for how long. We at SME Strategies have teamed up with ProWP who are now one of our Affiliate firms.

ProWP have set up Google Analytics on some of our clients’ websites and we are helping clients to use that data to make adjustments to drive traffic to the key places. One surprising feature of Google Analytics is that despite being very useful it is free!

Strategic use of social media – We are also helping clients to use the power of social media more effectively. This does not necessarily require any additional financial investment but just some effort of time and thought.

The power of linking a website for instance to a LinkedIn profile and Twitter account and perhaps Facebook is often not fully understood; nor is the incredible power of the ‘Twitter hashtag’ always appreciated. Our recent consultancy project for the Alliance of Human Relevant Science allowed us to do just that. Writing creatively and posting about your business should energise most business owners!

The website message – Another service we provide is a review of a client’s website to see if it is both sending out the right marketing message and if it is functioning as well as it should. We are happy to carry out a brief review on a complementary basis to give pointers to how a site might be improved from a technical perspective and for its brand message.

ProWP have written a fuller article on Google Analytics which can be found here: Google Analytics – A Beginners Guide

So let’s get our lamps from out of under the bushel and shining brightly!


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