SME Strategies was invited to write a guest blog for Clear Books

Clear Books is designed for small businesses or sole traders who know that balancing the books can be a distraction. Clear Books small business accounting software was built with such businesses in mind. It saves time and helps owners work smarter by managing their accounts in the cloud, so they and their accountant can access their books anywhere, anytime. This video shows how they deliver for their clients

As part of Clear Books support for their customers, they write blogs and also invite experts to write guest blogs for them. We were asked to write one on the dilemma of many business owners having both to serve their customers and also run the business itself – it gives them two different, and at times competing, jobs to do! This is the blog:

Working on the business or in the business? It’s one big balancing act!

Many of us have gone into running our own business for all the freedom and creativity it brings to us. The 9 to 5 regime five days a week is over, we will never have to work for someone whom we don’t respect again and we can play golf or be there for our kids whenever they need us. It was a no brainer decision. Except… except it doesn’t always work out quite like that. Yes. 9 to 5 has gone but it’s now 7 to 9 six days week, we become our own frustrating boss and we have forgotten where the golf course is! The dream has become more like a nightmare.

Hopefully that is not your experience if you are a business owner but does it resonate just a little? Many of us go into business because we are passionate about the work we do and the delivery we can offer our customers. But we can find that as our business grows, so the dream quickly fades under the relentless pressure of having to do so much, nearly all of which seems….

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