Andrew G Marshall is author of over 20 books on relationships and has 35 years’ experience as a marital therapist. He is one of the leading authorities on relationships. Andrew heads up Marshall Method Therapy, a team of qualified and experienced relationship therapists

Our enforced lockdown in the UK is likely to last for some considerable time. This is putting households and relationships under intense pressure. We are told to expect a spike in domestic violence and an increase in births at Christmas (not all wanted). Some households will become more like pressure cookers. Andrew was commissioned to write an article for the Daily Mail ‘Love in the time of corona’. It is a hugely insightful article. He notes that arguments about balancing the competing needs of two partners working from home are now commonplace. Old simmering disputes about the division of chores and childcare have come back to the surface. Andrew gives six Top Tips for surviving the coronavirus lockdown. The Daily Mail article is here.

Given the current lockdown Andrew’s team of therapists are now doing all their work by video call. For more information about counselling with Andrew’s team by video click here.

I work professionally with Andrew and his therapy team of Debby, Claudio, Evelyn and Jon supported by Hiedi, Madelaine and Kevin. I have seen at first hand the outstanding quality of the work they do with couples as issues behind relationship problems get identified, worked on and resolved.

A couple of great testimonials the team have recieved say:

“I am now starting to enjoy having therapy because it helps me to reflect on my relationship with my ex-partner and really see clearly what was happening and the role I played in that.

When I see why I was behaving in that way, it gives me a chance to choose to do things differently, I feel less “stuck” and more able to make and recognise healthier choices.”

“With Evelyn’s help we were able to see that the deeper underlying issue was how we related to each other, both emotionally and physically. We both found Evelyn supportive and straightforward. She created an environment where we were able to discuss all aspects of our sex lives with her without embarrassment.

By following the programme and working hard at our relationship, we have a fulfilling and varied sex life which has brought us closer together. The original problem has disappeared. What’s more, we can now have spontaneous sex, which is something we never thought we’d be able to do!”


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