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We care for our clients’ business as our own. We share their goals and align ourselves with their objectives – so they know we’re in this together.

We offer top business consulting services for SMEs giving unrivalled support to our clients. We work with ambitious organisations that are hungry for change and growth.

We get results for our clients and equip them with the skills they need to run successful businesses. We are experienced professionals who love our work and helping our clients win.

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A new approach to business

We focus on the Enterprise (consultancy), People (empowerment) and Finances (accountancy). Each is key to success. We work on the inter-relationship between these to make maximum impact for our clients.

We work with the critical issues and opportunities of the business owners and identify the key levers to enable their goals to be realised. We get to know our clients well. This allows us to tailor our work to each client so we can deliver superior results.

Where do you want to be?

To thrive in our changing and complex business world, the modern SME must clearly know where it wants to be in its marketplace, It then needs to acquire, and use wisely, the right human, financial and other resources to get there. At SME Strategies we help our clients do just this.

Our reputation is built on the results and change we bring about. We use our insights, our experience as chartered accountants and of running our own businesses and the range of services we offer. A key to our success is the trusting relationship we forge with our clients.

If you would like our skills to get your business growing please contact us for a complimentary meeting (or Skype call).



We start from a simple premise – “You” and then “Where you want to go?” David takes the lead on consultancy. We work at the human level with hopes and fears of our clients and then quickly broaden that to the organisation to identify with clients what needs to be achieved for the enterprise.

We work collaboratively with our clients to identify strategies that deliver results. Can every staff member articulate your strategy and are they empowered to execute on it?

Some specific consulting services we provide include:




We unashamedly include a business-wide people focus. This specifically includes director and senior management development. We believe tremendous value lies in getting the people right. It is not always easy but it makes both for individual wellbeing and also for bottom line impact which can be transformational.

We facilitate strategic planning meetings so your team can have alignment around a clear vision, strategy and goals.

Our services to empower people include:




Finances are the life blood of businesses. We offer the full range of accountancy, reporting, financial director and corporate finances to our clients.

Many (although not all) of our clients have good in house book-keeping. Some though lack the expertise to prepare management information in the right way at the right time to allow the directors to make informed business decisions. This includes preparing quality budgets and forecasts which allow the business to be better controlled.

Our range of accountancy services include:


About SME Strategies

SME Strategies is made up of experienced professionals with specialisms in business consulting, start-ups, corporate finance, accounting and mentoring. It was co-founded by David Eaton who runs it with Sean Hackemann and John Eaton to bring to SMEs and individuals the same excellent hands-on support that large companies take for granted but in a cost effective way.

Using our skills as chartered accountants, finance directors, business owners & innovators we identify the issues facing dynamic SMEs and their owners and work with them to realise their vision.

“I would like to thank David for the interest he showed in me, his mentoring skills and giving me his pro-active support, encouragement, positivity and providing me with the tools to believe in myself and to focus in on my strengths.”
“John’s pragmatic and hands on approach helps to guide small and medium sized organisations through difficult, complex situations and enables them to operate more effectively.”
“Sean impressed me with his tenacious and methodical approach. He establishes a great rapport with his clients and uses his corporate finance knowledge and skills to deliver a great service.”
“One of the things I like most about working with Sean is that he always has a positive and proactive attitude to any challenge put in front of him and adapts quickly to the needs of the business.”

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